At some point in my life I developed some form of insomnia that forces me to fall asleep at one, wake up intermittently through the night and ultimately get up around eight and start the day. When people ask why this happens I usually say something about how before electric light came about it would get so dark at night that people would have to go to bed early, but since that would mean they would get way more sleep than necessary they would wake up in the middle of the night and do a simple task like visit a neighbor or smoke some tobacco and then go back to bed. With this context, my sleep schedules are then just a natural extension of the history of human sleep, or maybe my body rebelling against the idea of continuous sleep in the electric world. Who knows! I just know that it’s my best option, anecdotally.

Unfortunately I have been sleeping on some Apollonian Sound related business, so the rest of 2014 is going to be spent CLEANING HOUSE. This means that as well as the “Presence” tape coming out and some other things that haven’t been announced yet there will be old//forgotten material going online, a special “budget” edition of the Uncouth Swain will be up for sale and other things that I don’t think I’m aware I have to do will be taken care of as well. In 2015 we move office to some brand new digs, so these are all very necessary actions. You guys aren’t gonna believe what we’re gonna get up to once we’re in them new digs!!


“I worked half of my life for free, the masters of the record industry kept complaining that I wasn’t making them any money. When it comes to art, money is an unimportant detail. It just happens to be a huge unimportant detail.”

“There is a general atmosphere [in the music business] of resentment, pressure, kind of strange perpetual war, and I think prosecuting some college kid because she or he shared a file is a lot like sending somebody to Australia a couple of hundred years ago for poaching his lordship’s rabbit. That’s how it must seem to poor people who just want to watch a crappy movie for free.”

Quotes from The Guardian.


VERY excited to tell YOU that there are two new members in the Apollonian Sound PACK: Elaiza Santos and Nora Einbender-Luks.

You may know Elaiza from Crying or Whatever, Dad (RIP) or 100% (long live 100%) and you may know Nora from her y’know SO GREAT prints and also being involved with this label in one way or another for over a year now anyways. There are no official “positions” or “titles” being put into place or anything like that, the only real outcome is that instead of just one head honcho over here there are now three honchos who are all equal and pushing towards the same thing and bringing their own skills to the table. An ideal set-up for honchos, I’m sure you’d agree. 

Like the unnamed band on the above, I CAN’T WAIT to tell you about what we’ve got planned. If you hear rumors or whispers or leaks about what we’ve got going don’t listen - it’s all hokum. Keep yer ears tuned to this here Apollonian soil for the real news, it’ll be coming in soon!


A new goal/experiment of mine is to do weekly posts on this blog with all the “news” of the week. I’ve never been a very consistent blogger so this is an attempt at GROWING and LEARNING but god help me if “consistent blogger” becomes synonymous with my name. 

It’s been mega hectic over here since I got set up with Carrot Top for distribution and I had to live on the frantic tip for about three weeks, screenprinting and sewing and whatever else needed to get done. Now that all the records are shipped out though, you’ll start to see more releases in stores as well as be able order the records for cheap $$ directly from Carrot Top. JUMP on that!

In other news, on October 1st Apollonian Sound became the first record label in the world to be registered as a benefit corporation. The FIRST in the WORLD. At least I think so, at least I claim so. There’s very helpful literature on what exactly a benefit corporation is here that I’m pretty sure was written by my big brother. Cool.

After these two developments above and a few others that can’t be pointed at within this article, I’ve been seriously considering what Apollonian Sound is and what I can achieve with it in the future. Its really exciting, to be honest, and while the label itself is growing and expanding I’m focusing entirely on it’s most important aspects (its presence in the physical world and working with charities) and working with people who have these same priorities. Things are looking very good round these parts. 

In non Apollonian news, lately I’ve been listening to alot of Antena and this David Kilgour song and CRANES. CRANES. CRANES. I’m really starting to love Cranes. There was also this really great top 10 that Will Oldham did for Criterion that is all real hard feelings and facts and not just a “look how cool I am” list, which, let’s be honest, lists have a tendency of being (just look at the one that started this paragraph!). Here’s his review of The Harder They Come: “Necessity is the mother of invention, and music is one of necessity’s prime agents. Music makes shit happen. Music made this movie happen, and it made Apple become so fucking powerful, and it made my life happen. Johnny, you’re too bad. Whoa whoa whoa.” PERFECT. Meanwhile, Luke wrote this update on the Volvo Ocean race and the way he describes the boat colors in bold really kills me, really gets my dome churning. Don’t know anything else about the race, don’t really think I need to. Keep bolding Luke!!!

That’s - it - for - now. SEE YA NEXT WEEK.